Thursday, August 23, 2012

Addiction Confession...and Triumph!

So a select few out there know that I had a addiction...

I just couldn't be satisfied with what I had ~ I always wanted ("needed") more!

The smells...they way it all made me feel...when I was tired, or feeling down, I knew what would help me push through...

Yep, I had bottles everywhere.  My sister-in-law tried to help - she'd collect what was left over and get the remains out of the house.  I had my stashes though.  I was never without...........
bath and body works.

That's right folks, what you're looking at is only a tiny sampling.  New season?  I had the new line.  Stress-relieving scents?  I had all three.  A good name?  IE, "coconut lime verbena" - it just rolled off the tongue! And was SO summery!!  And who doesn't need one to help you sleep?!  Lavender Vanilla, YES PLEASE!! What can I say?  The BB&W store made me happy.  Its products made me happy.  

(I do, however, draw the line at shimmer products.  No.  Thank.  You.)

BUT...I do not, in fact, need 4 scents in my shower at once.  And their lotions, and their sprays (I never used the sprays, I have NO idea why I kept buying them!).   I'd start using a new favorite, then grow tired and pick a new favorite to suit my mood.  And then there'd be a new something-or-other delicious scent that I needed right then.  I don't know what happened specifically, or when I realized this was a ridiculous habit (maybe when Sister-in-Law moved overseas and I couldn't just give her my extras so I didn't feel so wasteful??), but I knew that I had to get things under control.  And it started with one bottle.  I had one left in my shower, and I FORCED myself to use every last drop.  This is my triumph.  

While I don't see one single thing wrong with finding a little something that makes your day just a little bit brighter, I personally didn't want to keep not fully using what I had!  I didn't want to waste!  I wanted to spend that money on photography stuff (well, at least save it to put toward photography stuff - I don't know if you know, but THAT'S one expensive habit!)!!

Thank you for letting me confess, and for letting me share my happiness in overcoming my little challenge :).  If you too, share a silly little addiction, I hope you are enjoying every second of it!!  If you're moving on, kudos to you!!

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  1. Well, I *was* looking forward to moving back and getting free soap again... :) Really though, that's awesome! Speaking of addictions, I've beaten a lot of my unhealthy eating habits. You'd be amazed!! Tomorrow we're having salmon and steamed broccoli for dinner.


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